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iGOmii Features

Using a personal car for work just got a whole lot easier


Introducing iGOmii.

For those who simply don't have the time (or the patience) to write down odometer readings every time they get into their cars; or anyone who resents GPS apps that record everywhere they go, even when they aren't working.



iGOmii Features


We've done away with the weekly, time-consuming chore of filling in mileage logs

Who likes paperwork? For many employees, the low point of the week is filling in forms and reports. Nobody enjoys it.

iGOmii takes the pain out of filling in mileage reports. In just seconds (and from wherever they are), your staff can send up-to-the-minute mileage claims from their phones.

And our mileage logs are formatted in Excel for easier processing and integration with your company's accounting software.


Stuck in traffic? We optimize your route to save you time & frustration


Nobody loves traffic. iGOmii’s route optimizer can help you avoid it. 

iGOmii analyzes your business calendar and suggests shorter routes. In our tests with routes of four or more stops, iGOmii reduced daily travel time by up to 25% (20 minutes city driving / over 30 minutes outside of the city). Shorter routes also saved on gas (the money saved in just one week covered the cost of an iGOmii subscription).


We report business mileage, without following your staff everywhere they go


To calculate business mileage, many companies have installed GPS tracking apps.  And these apps do a good job of recording mileage  but they come at a cost.

Many employees see GPS tracking as an invasion of privacy. Why should an employer see everywhere they go, including personal errands?

Some employee groups have even taken employers to court, arguing that making GPS trackers a condition of employment is against their civil rights. 

With iGOmii, employee privacy is assured. Mileage is calculated from events in employee business calendars — and personal events aren't reported. 


We've taken the guesswork out of mileage allowances


When employees use their cars for business, they save your company vehicle costs. They deserve to be compensated.

But how does your company know employee claims haven't been padded? Are some people charging extra mileage?

While no system can totally prevent dishonesty, we believe that only paying for events listed in people's work calendars is a fair system, and will reduce the likelihood of mileage padding.

If it's not in our mileage log, you don't pay for it. 


Don't sweat a tax audit. (You can do something else, instead)

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Most people don't keep accurate mileage logs. Paperwork can be a pain — who's got the time?

But if you file mileage claims, there's a high probability you will be audited by the tax agency. And when that happens, you'll have limited time to produce detailed logs or else your claim will be denied and you could face penalties.

In an audit situation, GPS trackers don't help. They only record mileage from the day they were installed; nothing before that time.

iGOmii is only application that can quickly build tax compliant mileage logs from past events in your business calendar. And instead of spending 38 hours* reconstructing logs manually, you can do something you enjoy.



Want to learn more?  Check out our 30 second video clip.